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The Idaho CVCP was established in 1986 to provide assistance to victims of crime for costs related to treatment for injuries sustained as a result of a crime and for sexual assault forensic examinations.

The program works with victims and family members to ensure they understand the benefits available to them and to assist them in accessing the necessary treatment or services they need.

The program believes that offenders should be held accountable for costs associated with their criminal activity, and actively pursues reimbursement for crime related costs from offenders through restitution and any other source of payment.

Our Mission

Ensure eligible victims are provided appropriate financial assistance to aid in recovery from the traumatic effects of crime.

Our Vision

Meet the needs of victims by progressively, compassionately, and effectively easing the impact of crime.

Boise Towne Square Mall Shooting

If you need assistance and were on Boise Towne Square property at the time of the crime, click here for an application for assistance. Boise Towne Square Mall Application

Rigby School Shooting

Mental Health Treatment Providers

Effective July 1, 2020, the Idaho Crime Victims Compensation Program (CVCP) will no longer require session notes or treatment reports for each date of service. As a result of this change, billing requirements have also changed for any claims received by the Program after July 1, 2020. For details outlining the requirements for the Program to pay mental health treatment and to find the new Mental Health Treatment Plan FormMental Health Progress Report Form, and Family Assistance Treatment Plan Form.

New Billing Requirements as of July 1, 2020:

  1. completed UB04 or CMS 1500, including CPT codes.
  2. Listing of any payments made on behalf of the patient and by whom, regardless of the current account balance.
    • Copies of Insurance Explanation of Benefits, including denials and those from Medicaid
    • Any patient payments and any other third party payment source
  1. completed CVCP Mental Health Treatment Plan.
  2. A copy of the treatment provider’s initial assessment/intake.

(July 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020 will be a transition period. Billing requirements will be mandatory with no exceptions as of January 1, 2021.)

For questions regarding this change, please contact the Idaho Crime Victims Compensation Program at (208) 334-6080 or 1-800-950-2110, fax: (208) 332-7559.


TO: All Customers, Partners, and Public

Effective March 19, 2020, our office will be closed to the public and customers. The Idaho Industrial Commission will be conducting business through email and telephone contacts until Monday, April 6th.We are still operating, but due to COVID-19 concerns we are enacting social distancing protocols to benefit all.

Please call or email during normal business hours. A staff member will return your call or email.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.


The Industrial Commission remains dedicated to supporting the health and safety of our workforce and ensuring necessary access to services for Idaho citizens.  The Commission is taking necessary precautions to contain the spread of COVID-19. and we hope this information will help answer your questions about our operations at this time.

How to Keep Your Workplace Safe

Information about Coronavirus is constantly changing, so we recommend keeping up with trusted sources, such as or the CDC website

Commission Business Operations

The Commission is mobilizing to allow reduced density in our office, and allow our staff to work from home.  We have canceled travel and training until further notice.  Once the threat of Covid-19 subsides, the Commission will diligently work to reschedule these matters at a date convenient to the parties.  We are continuing the effort to accomplish as much work as possible through telephone calls, emails, conference calling, etc.  All departments have been very proactive regarding their exposure to the public.  Please note that we will be reducing face-to-face interactions and practicing social distancing.  

Idaho Crime Victims Compensation Program Adult Sexual Assault Forensic Examinations Change effective 7/1/2018

This change applies to sexual assault forensic examinations for adults only (age 18+)

Effective July 1, 2018, under Idaho Code § 72-1019(2), an adult victim’s private insurance should not be billed for a sexual assault forensic examination.  The Idaho Crime Victims Compensation Program (CVCP) will pay for those examinations without requiring private insurance to be billed.  This statutory change applies to dates of service on or after July 1, 2018. 

Payments by all federal or federally-financed third parties (e.g. Medicaid, Medicare) shall continue to be required prior to CVCP payment.

This change applies only to adult (age 18+) examinations.  Sexual assault forensic examinations for child victims will continue to require payment by both private insurance and federal programs, when applicable.

If you have any questions, please call:

Crime Victims Compensation Program


CVCP Payment Information

Payment for treatment and services is based on the CVCP Medical Fee Schedule approved by the Idaho Legislature in 2010.

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